In My Backyard

Not Available at this time

Run Time: 35 minutes
Appropriate for ages 4 to 7
Admission: $2.50 per person


Join acclaimed family entertainer, singer/songwriter, composer, actor, writer, author, TV host and keynote speaker Fred Penner as he helps to answer this question.

The show begins with Fred greeting the audience and introducing them to his helper, Arnie the Arrow. Then it’s off to explore things large and small in Fred’s backyard – from the colours of the rainbow to counting the ladybugs on a rose. After looking at the reasons for the seasons, the stars begin to appear as Fred sings “We’re Going To Shine.” Arnie points out the Big Dipper — but wait — it’s really a bear we’re looking at! Following a story about Callisto and Arcus, we snap our fingers to the beat of the planet poem, see some meteors whiz by and sing along to “The Moon Song.” The show ends with the song “In My Backyard” and Fred’s goodbye to the audience.

Children’s entertainer Fred Penner composed and performed three original songs for the In My Backyard soundtrack as well as narrated the show. He’s the star of T.V. show Fred Penner’s Place, which aired in the United States to 55 million households on Nickelodeon. Two songs from In My Backyard appear on Fred’s ninth audio release, “What a Day.”

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