Heart of the Sun

Available upon request for a private program.
Run Time: 35 minutes
Recommended for ages 8 and up

Experience our nearest star, the Sun, from a new perspective: This planetarium show takes you inside the Sun, in breathtaking high definition!

New space-based telescopes, along with a new generation of terrestrial instruments, capture both the fine surface detail and the vast eruptions of the corona with unprecedented clarity. Heart of the Sun delivers new breathtaking, high-resolution motion pictures never before seen in a fulldome theater.

From the Neolithic skywatchers of Europe to the solar observatories of Mesoamerica to the dawning of Aristotelian science, “Heart of the Sun” reveals how the development of our whole cosmology has been informed by our struggle to understand the Sun. This living star continues to challenge our imagination today.

“Heart of the Sun” is produced by Heliograph Productions.

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