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Cosmic Castaway


Saturday evening at 7:00 June 13 – August  20, 2016 21 minutes Appropriate for ages: 8 or older What happens when galaxies collide?  What becomes of the stars within those galaxies?  In this fulldome program we explore these questions and ponder … Continue reading

Moon Dreams


Tuesday through Friday at 4:00 June 13 – August 20 Run time: 13 minutes. Recommended for grades 3 – 12. Explore the origins of the Moon, how it has affected life on Earth and the possibility of life on other … Continue reading

Cosmic Origins Spectrograph


Saturday 8:00 pm Recommended for ages 8 and up $2.50 per person Run time 30 minutes The Cosmic Origins Spectrograph was the last instrument added to the Hubble Space Telescope in 2009. This 30-minute program discusses how the Cosmic Origins … Continue reading

Entirely Live

Starfield Background

The first Saturday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Run time: 45 minutes. Appropriate for 8 and up. $2.50 per person. Experience an entirely live tour of the night sky including stars, planets, and stories about the constellations by a … Continue reading

Amp’s Night Flight

Amp's Night Flight

Tuesday through Friday 11:00 AM June 13 – August 20 Amp’s Amazing Night Flight Run time: 20 minutes, Appropriate for grades K – 2, Follow Amp the firefly in his nighttime stargazing adventures.

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Available upon special request. Run Time 30 minutes $2.50 per person Recommended for ages 7 and up Stars: the Powerhouses of the Universe.  Every star has a story. Some are as old as time, faint and almost forgotten. Others burn … Continue reading



Available upon special program request. Run time is 30 minutes $2.50 per person Recommended for ages 8 and up Share the wonder of our own personal star, the Sun.  Learn how the Sun’s incredible energy has supported life on Earth … Continue reading