Evening Skies

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August is NOT the End of Summer

Lately August has started to take on the feeling of autumn. Kids are dreading going back to school, the stores are stocking new school supplies, football teams are thinking about two-a-day practices.  Yet despite all the back to school hype, … Continue reading

Globular Clusters, the Ancient Outliers

By Rod Kennedy When the summer makes the days unbearable, we often seek refuge indoors.  Anyplace from museums to the local library can be a welcome oasis from the heat of the sun.  However, in Wyoming the evenings are often … Continue reading

Stellar Evolution Laboratory, Right Outside Your Back Door

One of the most often questions asked about astronomy is “how do we know?”  Unlike physics and chemistry, which allow for direct, hands-on experimentation, astronomy is a science that must be done remotely.  The other challenge is that processes in … Continue reading

Easy Targets for New Telescopes

Easy Targets for New Telescopes by Rod Kennedy Happy New Year fellow sky watchers!  Obviously the world didn’t end on December 21st  so now we can turn our attention back to the skies for learning and appreciating.  Observers who received … Continue reading

Easy to Spot Objects for New Telescopes

Easy to Spot Objects for New Telescopes by Rod Kennedy Many people consider giving telescopes as gifts around the holidays, particularly to students.  Then they have second thoughts, “I don’t know what we would look at.”  The wide expanse of … Continue reading

Summer Skies Don’t End at Labor Day

by Rod Kennedy Labor Day is typically regarded as the unofficial end of summer. School starts, swimming pools close, football season stars, and baseball teams start their end of season race to the pennant. For night sky observers, September begins … Continue reading

Asterisms Outline Some of the Brightest Constellations

by Rod Kennedy Most people are at least familiar with the names of a few constellations.   If asked to name one they usually say, “The Big Dipper.”  However, the Big Dipper is not a constellation.  It is instead an asterism, … Continue reading