The Casper Planetarium presents shows on the dome using the Konica-Minolta Mediaglobe – the world’s first all-dome, full color, single projector planetarium system.

With 360-degree fully animated graphics presented in high definition, you’ll experience an immersive visit to fabulous worlds, from our own planet Earth to distant parts of the universe.


Our lobby features displays and interactive exhibits with a science theme.

You can see authentic items from the Space Shuttle program on loan from NASA, feel how heavy a meteorite is, see the spectral lines created by different elements, play our moon-phase game, and have fun with special optical effects.   The lobby exhibits are free and are open for viewing anytime during our regular hours (Monday – Friday 9 to 5).


We also have a gift shop in our lobby stocked with toys and gifts for inquiring minds.   Mood rings, fiber optic and lava lamps, Mars Mud, voice changers, beach balls of planet Earth with glow-in-the-dark cities, remote control flying astronauts, experiment kits for young scientists, science books for kids, t-shirts that change color in the sun, and much more. There’s a good assortment of items under $10, even a few under $1.  The gift shop is open Monday – Friday from 9 to 5.


For a history of the Casper Planetarium, please click HERE.